TEP SIG Leadership 2012-2013

TEP SIG Leadership 2012-2013

Stacy DeZutter Millsaps College dezuts@millsaps.edu

Stacy DeZutter is an Assistant Professor of Education at Millsaps College, where she teaches courses in human development, creativity, and methods of instruction. She received her Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis, where she specialized in sociocultural perspectives on teaching and learning. DeZutter’s recent research examines the social formation of teacher cognition and identity. She has also published on the sociocultural processes of literacy development in early childhood and on distributed creativity, a theory of group collaborative creation.

Program Chair (Chair- elect)
Cynthia Bolton-Gary
Armstrong Atlantic State University cynthiabolton@alumni.unc.edu

Dr. Cynthia Bolton-Gary is Assistant Dean of the College of Education at Armstrong Atlantic State University. Currently, Dr. Bolton-Gary is the Program Chair for TEP-SIG. Her research interests include: educational psychology, innovative pedagogical strategies, motivation, and assessment.

Secretary/Treasurer Martha Strickland Pennsylvania State University mjs51@psu.edu

Dr. Martha Strickland is Assistant Professor of Education in the School of Behavioral Sciences and Education at Penn State University. She is currently teaching educational psychology and learning theory at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and she has been a regular contributor
to the AERA Annual Meeting. Dr. Strickland's research interest focuses on enhancing connections between teachers and immigrant/refugee students.

Newsletter Editor
Gina Mariano Troy University gjmariano@troy.edu

Dr. Gina Mariano is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Troy University, where she teaches courses in educational psychology, basic statistics and research methods. She is also serving at chair- elect for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Troy University. Dr. Mariano’s current research interests include knowledge transfer in traditional and online environments and faculty development in the area of online teaching improvement.

TEP Online Journal
M Cecil Smith
Northern Illinois University

M Cecil Smith is a Professor of Educational Psychology at Northern Illinois University where he has taught educational psychology, research methods, and human development courses since 1988. He has been a member of AERA since 1984, and has served as a proposal reviewer for various Divisions and SIG’s for many years. He was co-chair of Division C (1999) and is currently webmaster and newsletter editor for the Adult Literacy and Adult Education SIG.

Webmaster Zsuzsanna Szabo Marist College

Dr. Zsuzsanna Szabo is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at Marist College. She teaches courses in educational psychology, psycho-educational assessment, educational research, and educational theories. Her research interests include human cognition and learning, student learning assessment, integrating technology in instruction, and gender issues in education.

Graduate Student
Gina Park
University of Michigan ginapark@umich.edu

Gina Park is a Ph.D. candidate in the Combined Program in Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her past and current research focuses on understanding how professional development opportunities for teachers impact changes in teachers knowledge and beliefs, classroom practices, and student learning. She has also served as a graduate student instructor for undergraduate courses in educational psychology, both for psychology majors and pre-service teachers. Her teaching experience has led to her recent interest in examining teachers’ beliefs about the value of educational psychology for their learning and instruction.

Sandra Deemer and Laurie B. Hanich
Greg Goodman (2010-2011) David Holloway (2009-2010) Kelvin Seifert (2008-2009) Virginia Navarro (2007-2008)

Mick Verdi (2006-2007) Marguerite Lodico and Kathy Voegtle (2005-2006)
Kelvin Seifert (2004-2005) Nancy Knapp (2003-2004)

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