I am always interested to hear and discuss more about where did you find a place to publish and what did you publish lately?

It would be a good opportunity here to share you publications.
This way we would keep up the news in our TEP SIG community.

Any interesting articles that you read lately?
Please share with us the references.



Lost in the sea of education....

The other day I was talking with several of my former colleagues from grad school and other faculty fellows, about the weakening of Educational Psychology as a field of study and teaching.
The number of Educational Psychology programs at the universities is decreasing, and I am talking here about Ed Psy named programs.
Also the number of Educational Psychology named courses that we teach is decreasing and more faculty from other domains (such as C&I, Teacher education, Early childhood, etc.) teach our Ed Psy courses.

Even if we teach topics from Educational Psychology, the courses have many diverse names such as:
- Learning in the Schools
- Middle School Learner
- Learning and Cognition
- Learning and Development in Schools
- Human Development and Learning
- Education and Human Development

I would be interested to find out what are other TEP SIG members perspective on the questions.
Is our Ed Psy field a dying field?
Do the names used for Ed Psy courses allow other fields to take over and that is why lesser need for Ed Psy faculty?
Is there a real need (in the first place) for Educational Psychology?


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AERA 2010 -- TEP SIG

2010 Annual Meeting - Denver, Colorado
Theme: Understanding Complex Ecologies in a Changing World

Friday, April 30 – Tuesday, May 4

1. The Self Theory in Schooling: Positive Psychology in the Classroom

*Henry G. Brzycki (The Pennsylvania State University)

Session Submission type: Poster Session 5

Time: Sat, May 1 - 4:05pm - 5:35pm
Place: Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 3

2. (Sometimes) Reaching Alternative High School Students Through Teaching Educational Psychology

*Nancy Flanagan Knapp (University of Georgia),
*Alison A. Harbin (University of Georgia)

Session Submission type: Poster Session 9

Time: Sun, May 2 - 2:15pm - 3:45pm
Place: Colorado Convention Center, Korbel Ballroom 3

3. Teaching Educational Psychology SIG Business Meeting
Unit: SIG-Teaching Educational Psychology
Session Submission type: Business Meeting

Time: Sun, May 2 - 6:15pm - 7:45pm
Place: Sheraton, Plaza Court 2

1. Reports from officers and committees: 1) Program chair; 2) Secretary/treasurer; 3) Journal editors; 4) Chair of TEP SIG

2. Issues for discussion

1) TEP journal: progress, opportunities, and needs

2) TEP Listserv: should this be consolidated as an AERA-sponsored list?

3) Update on website of teaching resources

4). Election of officer(s) for 2009-2010

1) Program chair/chair-elect

2) Graduate student representative

3) other positions

5). Other agenda

We will continue our meeting with an informal presentation and conversation concerning publishing venues for current and prospective authors.


Laurie Hannich (discussing the TEP Journal),

Kelvin Seifert (discussing some of the non-commercial online publishing opportunities),

Chris Myers, Peter Lang Publishing's managing editor (presenting Lang's eclectic educational publishing lists).

These presentations will be brief, and they will be followed by a wine and cheese reception co-sponsored by your SIG and Peter Lang Publishing.

4. Communication and Community in Teaching Educational Psychology

*Sandra A. Deemer (Millersville University),
*Stacy L. DeZutter (Millsaps College),
*Laurie B. Hanich (Millersville University),
*Jeanne Ellis Ormrod (University of New Hampshire),
*Kelvin L. Seifert (University of Manitoba)

Discussant: Greg S. Goodman (Clarion University)
Chair: Kelvin L. Seifert (University of Manitoba)
Session Submission type: Symposium

Time: Mon, May 3 - 12:25pm - 1:55pm Place: Sheraton, Plaza Court 1
Descriptors: Psychology, Teacher Education - Pre-Service, Professional Community
Audio Taping: Yes

5. Teaching Educational Psychology: New Developments

- Exploring With an Integrative Assessment Model: Assessing Informational and Critical Thinking in an Introductory Classroom Assessment Course
*David R. Holliway (Washington State University - Tri-Cities)

- The Effects of Metacognition and Concrete Encoding Strategies on Depth of Understanding in Educational Psychology
*Paul Eggen (University of North Florida),
*Suzanne Schellenberg (University of North Florida),
*Meiko Negishi (University of North Florida)

-Teaching Educational Psychology in an Educational Leadership Doctoral Program
*Michael P. Verdi (California State University - San Bernardino),
*Mark Agars (California State University - San Bernardino),
*Deborah E. Stine (California State University - San Bernardino)

Chair: Sandra A. Deemer (Millersville University)

Session Submission type: Roundtable Session

Time: Mon, May 3 - 2:15pm - 3:45pm
Place: Sheraton, Grand Ballroom Section 2

President 2010-2011:
Greg S. Goodman, Ph.D.
Education Department
Clarion University
Clarion, PA 16214

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