2013 AERA-- Message from TEP Program Chair

The Teaching Educational Psychology (TEP) Special Interest Group (SIG) Program at the AERA Annual Meeting is a fabulous opportunity to share the research and work you have been doing all year with other who are like minded. Teaching Educational Psychology is especially important in this age of accreditation and accountability. Contributions to the theoretical and practical foundation of our profession are critical as we support and extend our area of expertise, as well as impact future educators with constructive and cutting edge research based methods.

Next year’s conference theme is “Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy and Praxis.” Our program is dependent upon the peer-review process, so please volunteer to be a reviewer. Last month we invited approximately 50 TEP members to review papers, as well as 6 graduate students. Currently, 21 have formally accepted the invitation to review, plus 3 graduate students. Only 2 have refused; however, we are still waiting to hear from 21 others. Please consider participating in the review process. This is a great opportunity for you to help select the papers and set the program for the conference.

I am aiming for 35 reviewers so that each person will need to review no more than 10 papers. Graduate students will be used as reviewers and their reviews will be considered by the review panel; however, their numerical scores are not used in calculating final evaluation of the submissions. This can be a fun process as you get to “peek” into the work currently being conducted by others interested in teaching educational psychology. In addition, we will need chairs and discussants for each session. Volunteer information can be found on the AERA website under the link for 2013 AERA Annual Meeting Online Portal. I encourage you to participate in these leadership roles as we continue to build a strong and effective TEP SIG!

Thank you!
Cynthia Bolton
2012-2013 TEP Program Chair

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