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Call for Editor

Executive officers of the Teaching Educational Psychology Special Interest Group (TEP SIG) are accepting applications for the position of editor of Teaching Educational Psychology (TEP)The editor position is a three-year term.

Teaching Educational Psychology (TEP) is an online, peer-refereed journal devoted to increasing the shared knowledge base about the teaching of educational psychology to a variety of educational constituencies, including pre-service and in-service teachers, administrators, policy-makers, parents, and the public.  TEP is affiliated with the TEP SIG of the American Education Research Association and Division 15 of the American Psychological Association

TEP is published three times a year (fall, spring, summer) pending appropriate submissions. 

Deadline: January 31, 2012 or until Editor is named.

Qualification and requirements: Qualities needed for the position of editor or co-editor include a record of research related to the scholarship of teaching educational psychology and evidence of managerial skills to oversee the review and publication process.
Major responsibilities of the future editor or co-editors of TEP include
  • Communicating with and assisting authors throughout the publication process,
  • Making executive decisions regarding which manuscripts to publish,
  • Selecting a  pool of competent reviewers to reach conclusions and make decisions on manuscripts in a timely fashion
  • Overseeing and managing the journal website
  • providing a clear vision for the direction of the Journal

Qualified applicants should send email and copy of curriculum vitae to TEP@millersville.edu

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