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As many of you know, TEP SIG sponsors a website called teachingedpsych, a wiki-style archive of materials that support the teaching of introductory educational psychology in teacher education programs. If you haven’t seen it yet, go to  http://teachingedpsych.wikispaces.com,  and browse through the materials, which are organized by 17 general topics. You may see something that you can use with one of your classes! At last count teachingedpsych includes about 300-400 items, grouped on about 175 individual webpages.
Here are the 17 general topics of teachingedpsych. Each topic has an opening page linked to a number of other pages and related Internet websites:
  • Class activities and demonstrations
  • Course assignments
  • Course syllabi or outlines
  • Classroom management
  • Human development
  • Motivation
  • Thinking and cognition
  • Special education
  • Assessment of K-12 learning
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Teacher education
  • Theories of learning
  • Social relationships
  • Blogs, wikis, and discussion lists
  • Introductory ed psych textbooks
  • Articles, chapters, and books,
  • Multimedia

Teachingedpsych began in May 2009, and since then has proved increasingly popular. In 2009, it averaged about 48 views per day; in 2010, it averaged about 143 per day (a 196% increase!); and so far in 2011, it is averaging about 231 views per day (a 62% increase over 2010). Since it began, teachingedpsych has received about 122,000 “hits” or views. Viewers come from all over the world. Only 70% are from the USA and 18% are from Canada; the other 12% come from about 100 other countries—too numerous to list!

Where is teachingedpsych headed in the future? In addition to welcoming additional new materials, the website would benefit from the following:
  • More thorough indexing, cross-linking, and “tagging” of items and materials to facilitate searching
  • Clarification, expansion, and/or revision of explanations of items in some cases
  • Most important: One or more person(s) to assist in gathering items from TEP SIG members and others, in posting the items, and generally insuring a tidy, easy-to-figure-out website
As a SIG, in addition, we might want to consider broadening the mandate of teachingedpsych beyond the teaching of intro ed psych per se. Many of the items are useful in other teacher education courses and might therefore be well-received by other SIGs or divisions of AERA. Those groups might also contribute materials to the website helpfully. It’s something to think about and discuss in the coming year.

--Kelvin Seifert
Teachingedpsych wiki managerhttp://teachingedpsych.wikispaces.com

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