Spring 2015 - From the Editor

Dear TEP Members:
As glad as I was to see the cool, crisp temperatures of the fall, I am ready for spring.  This winter has been rough.  My area did not see snow, but we have had our share of rain, cold, and gloomy clouds.  The sunshine has been a welcomed sight these past few days in Georgia.  My infant and I have enjoyed long walks to see the trees “waking up” and to hear the sounds of birds “talking”.  Drew is quickly approaching the toddler stage.  He started crawling a week ago, and now he is full-stream ahead!  I am sure that I will see the same learning curve when he learns to walk. 
I hope that the fall newsletter ignited a desire within you to incorporate some of new ideas into your classroom.  We will continue with Part II of my interviews with the four prolific authors in the field of educational psychology.  The topic for this issue will be pre-service and in-service teachers.  As a final note, the authors discuss their favorite theories.  Personally, I love information processing theory.  As a former high school special education teacher and math teacher, I found it quite practical in the classroom.  As teachers, we must teach students how to organize that long-term filing cabinet and how to retrieve a desired file of information efficiently.  When it comes to classroom management, I tend to lean toward B.F. Skinner.  I think it stems from my experience in special education.
Of course, the annual meeting of AERA will be held in Chicago next month.  I am sure that all of you are hoping for good weather in the Windy City.    With my son, I will not be able to attend this year’s conference.  I look forward to seeing everyone in Washington, DC!

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