Nominations for TEP SIG elections 2015

Dear TEP SIG members:

Now is the time to serve your SIG and gain valuable leadership experience!  if you are interested in serving as a part of the SIG leadership team, please send in your self-nomination by Monday, October 6, 2014.

Serving as a member of the SIG leadership team is a rewarding and enjoyable experience - we are a highly collaborative and collegial group!  As a member of the leadership team, you get the opportunity to work with colleagues across the continent and to shape the efforts of our SIG.

Elections will be held early in 2015 and newly elected officers will take office at the close of the 2015 annual meeting.

Below are descriptions for each of our elected offices. 
In addition, you will need to provide the following information to me: 
 *   Your full name;
 *   Your institutional affiliation;
 *   A biographical statement, which can be up to 250 words. 

If you have any questions, please email me at cynthia.bolton@armstrong.edu

Thank you,

Cynthia Bolton
Past TEP SIG Chair/Nominating Committee

Chair-elect/Program Chair (elected for a 1-year term, continuing the next year as Chair, and the following year as Past Chair) The Chair-elect/Program Chair will serve as TEP Program Chair for the 2015 AERA meeting in Chicago.  These duties include, but are not be limited to, submitting the call for proposals to AERA; soliciting proposals via the SIG website or other forums; recruiting members to serve as reviewers, discussants, and chairs; receiving proposals and assigning them to reviewers for blind review; deciding on proposals to be accepted and scheduling them in appropriate formats; in consultation with others on the Executive Committee, deciding on a substantive format for part of the business meeting and arranging for such; publicizing our annual meeting sessions; and submitting all required program-related forms to AERA. The Chair-elect/Program Chair becomes the SIG Chair the following year. The TEP SIG Chair is responsible for the general administration of the SIG and acts as liaison between the SIG and AERA. The Chair presides at the annual business meeting.  The Chair then becomes the Past Chair, who is in charge of the nominations process.

Secretary/Treasurer (elected for a 1-year term) The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for any official correspondence, keeps the minutes of all business meetings, and compiles and disseminates the minutes to members of the SIG.  The Secretary/Treasurer also keeps track of the financial status and membership of the SIG and reports on these to members periodically.

Newsletter Editor (elected for a 1-year term) The Newsletter Editor is responsible for soliciting information that relates to the purposes of the SIG from SIG members and outside constituencies and publishing that information at least three times a year (generally, Fall, Spring, Summer) in a newsletter that is shared with all SIG members via the SIG listserv.

Webmaster/Blog/Wiki Master (elected for a 1-year term) The Webmaster/Blog/Wiki master is responsible for maintaining and sharing all electronic sources of information that relate to the purposes of the SIG, including our TEP Blog, the TEP Wiki, and the TEP website at aera.net.

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