Collaborative Project Across Institutions

by Rachel J. Eells, Concordia University Chicago

One of the great things about the annual AERA convention is the chance to meet with other researchers. This year in San Francisco, a few of us discovered a connection that has led to a collaboration.  All three of us teach educational psychology out of psychology departments, and we are interested in the ways that ed psych functions as both an education course and a psychology course.
                We (Rachel Eells, Allison Butler, and Alexa Darby) are conducting a document analysis that examines course objectives in syllabi for educational psychology classes. In addition to finding syllabi online, we are requesting them from the members of the TEP SIG.

                For the purposes of our project, we are specifically seeking undergraduate, introductory-level educational psychology syllabi. No identifying information pertaining to the professor or institution will be shared during the presentation of results.  If possible, we would like them by July 1, 2013, but late submissions will be accepted.

If you are interested?
If you are willing, please send your syllabi via email to rachel.eells@cuchicago.edu, and indicate whether your course is offered through a psychology department, an education department, or cross-listed. 

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