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Dear TEP SIG members:

It’s that time again!  Many of us are gearing up for our trip to the annual meeting.  I hope you will be sure to attend the TEP SIG business meeting, which will be held on Monday, April 29th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Hilton Union Square, Lobby Level, Golden Gate 3.  The business meeting is a great way to network with other researchers interested in the teaching of educational psychology. We also have several exciting sessions, which you will read about later in this newsletter.

I have heard from several of our members that, due to budget constraints and other issues, they will not able to attend the annual meeting this year.  For those in that situation, please be aware that several sessions of the annual meeting will be live-streamed over the internet.  You can find more information about that here:

Also note that, like last year, many of the presidential sessions and distinguished lectures will be recorded and made available on the website after the meeting.  To view the existing repository of recorded sessions, go here:

On a separate note, I want to take this moment to thank our 2012-2013 leadership team.  Elsewhere in the newsletter, you will be introduced to our incoming officers.  Sandra Deemer and Laurie Hanich have served the SIG for numerous years in various capacities, most recently as our Past Chairs/Nominating Committee.  Sandra and Laurie, thank you for your long-term commitment to the SIG and for the many contributions you have made. Gina Mariano has served us this year as a newsletter editor, and has spent countless hours assembling our newsletters and developing an attractive new format. Gina Park has served as our Graduate Student Coordinator and has implemented several new ways of reaching out to graduate students.  The SIG is sure to be stronger in years to come due to Gina’s efforts. Martha Strickland, as secretary treasurer, has been a valued voice in the many conversations the leadership team has had over the year.  Zsuzsanna Szabo works tirelessly to ensure that TEP has an active and valuable web presence.  Her efforts allow us to serve as a resource to educational psychology instructors around the globe.  M. Cecil Smith & Nancy DeFrates-Densch, our TEP journal editors, are hard at work preparing the upcoming issues of the Teaching Educational Psychology online journal. Thank you to everyone who has contributed time an expertise to our SIG efforts this year!

Stacy DeZutter
TEP SIG Chair 2012-2013

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